Kidlink International has available a FREE downloadable 13-week curriculum to use with the first six comic books in the PowerMark Seeker Series. Each of the 13 lessons will help you examine with your kids the Gospel message contained in the comic books. Through Bible stories, games, activities, crafts, scripture memorization and discussion you will help build a solid foundation for deeper spiritual understanding by systematically taking your children through the basics of the Christian faith. The curriculum and the comic books will answer your kids' questions like:
  • What is Salvation?
  • Who is God?
  • What is Sin?
  • Who is Jesus?
  • How can I become a Christian?
  • How do I live the Christian Life?

While learning and growing in their faith through the lessons, your kids will love reading their own copy of each Seeker Series comic book. The exciting storyline and cliff-hangers at the end of each book will keep them coming back for more as they follow the adventures of PowerMark and the Seekers as the evil Mindfree tries to stop them on their Quest for Truth.

The PowerMark Seeker Series Curriculum is written for children ages 7-13 and is designed to also be used in international settings. The curriculum is adaptable to many opportunities for ministry and is free to all who wish to use it. The PowerMark Seeker Series is also available in Spanish.

Lesson 1 - God Loves Me
Lesson 2 - There Is No One Like God
Lesson 3 - God Is Holy and True
Lesson 4 - What Is Sin?
Lesson 5 - The Effects of Sin
Lesson 6 - Review 1

Lesson 7 - Jesus Is God

Lesson 8 - Jesus Is Our Savior
Lesson 9 - Believe It, Say It, Do It
Lesson 10 - A New Way of Life
Lesson 11 - Growing In Christ
Lesson 12 - Love God, Love People
Lesson 13 - Review 2

Lección 1 - Dama me ama
Lección 2 - No hay nadie como Dios
Lección 3 - Solo Dios es Santo y Verdad
Lección 4 - ¿Que es el pecado?
Lección 5 - Los efectos del pecado
Lección 6 - Lección de Repaso

Lección 7 - Jesús es Dios

Lección 8 - Jesús es nuestro Salvador
Lección 9 - Créelo, Dilo, Hazlo
Lección 10 - Una nueva forma de vida
Lección 11 - Creciendo en Cristo
Lección 12 - Ama a Dios, Ama a la gente
Lección 13 - Lección de Repaso